Why the 15th? Why poetry prompts?

At the start of each month, I think, Yes, this will be the month I write a poem! The oddly placed broken string of beads I found at the park, the color turquoise I saw three times in one day, the shape of the clouds when I finally looked up. These things will become part of a poem. And then I will have this poem, revise it, love it, submit it to a literary journal, read it to myself later, and think, Yes, I felt this. I made this. And then, well, life happens.

Poetry 15 is about reclaiming your month. Reclaiming your mind. It’s about the power of your creative energy. The power of splitting open a moment of time that you didn’t think was yours. Write your heart out. That is what Poetry 15 is all about.

On the 15th of each month, you’ll receive a poetry prompt directly to your inbox. I invite you to engage with it for at least 15 minutes.

Grab your favorite pen, your notebook, your cup of coffee or tea. Write the poem that is hidden inside of you. I write my prompts thinking about you, about all of us. What does it mean to be here on this strange earth together? What does it mean to be creative?

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For $5 a month, you get a sparkly, get-to-work, inspiring poetry prompt delivered directly to your inbox.

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About me

I am a poet and essayist living in Brooklyn who coaches writers so they can lift their stories, ideas, goals, and dreams from your minds and hearts into the world. My clients have had poems published and books accepted for publication. I also teach for the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and run the Brooklyn Poetry Studio. My poems have been in the New Yorker, the Guardian, and the New Republic. I’m the author of two full-length books of poems and two forthcoming chapbooks. Hawk Parable and Tongue Lyre are my poetry books, and here’s a sample poem from my next chapbook, called The City Scattered (2022). I’m @TylerMPoetry on Instagram. You can find out more about me here.

And this is my I-worked-so-hard-and-something-is-finally-being-published face.

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Tyler Mills

Poet, Essayist, Editor Living in Brooklyn