New England Poetry Club Reading & Two Open Classes in Poetry and Nonfiction

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Hello, dear writers! I hope that this fall is finding you well. I wish it were cooler in my neck of the woods (or, concrete) but there’s still a nip of autumn in the air here in Brooklyn.

I’m writing to all of you to say, first of all, that if you’re a Poetry 15 subscriber thank you for reading and for your enthusiasm about the monthly prompt I’ve been sending out! I love hearing from you and how you’re connecting with the writing exercises and creating new poems. (A subscription gives you access to all of the archives, so if you’re on the fence but looking for a batch of new prompts to tangle with this fall, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from!)

Also, I wanted to let you know that I’m giving a reading tomorrow (Sun., 9/26 at 3 PM EST) for the New England Poetry Club. The flier is below! Low Budget Movie, which Kendra and I co-authored, won the Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize.

To join, you’ll need to register in advance and get the Zoom link here.

Low Budget Movie was recently reviewed in Zyzzyva: “their poems are unapologetically direct, a form of pushing back against sexist norms that suggest women must adhere to a certain appearance or etiquette.”

Kendra and I also talked about the book on The Chapbook Poetry Podcast. (We laughed a lot, too.)

Upcoming classes

I also wanted to let you know that I’m teaching two upcoming classes this fall. Because of work I need to do for the Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation NYC grant, I’ve scaled back on teaching a little bit to get the work done that I need to on deadline. (Eep!) But I do have two upcoming workshops that are open—one in poetry and one in nonfiction.


I’m teaching one of my two-day intensive asynchronous workshops that includes a 20 minute Zoom call at the end of it, and the subject is endings! How do we end a poem? How do we write a searing ending? You can read more info about enrollment here. The dates are Oct. 28-29 with the call extending through the weekend (with some 11/1 options if you’ve got kids, grandkids, or pets who will be running around in costumes that weekend—or lots of trick-or-treaters to prep for!).


I’m also teaching a five-week Zoom course on Tuesday evenings (6:30 - 8:30 PM EST) for the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College called “Writing Place, Writing the Self.” This class is a generative workshop in nonfiction that invites you to write flash pieces that can stand on their own or build into a larger memoir. I love this class. It takes place Nov. 9- Dec. 14, and you can read more about it and find enrollment info here.

I recently taught a one-day workshop for the Hudson Valley Writers Center about lyric essays, danger, and daring, and it was a lot of fun. I’ll be teaching that workshop again for them in the spring, and when I have info, I’ll send it your way.

Maybe I’ll see you this Sunday or in an upcoming class! Be well, and thanks for reading!

Warm wishes,